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Animilitia Stickers

Animilitia stickers

Anyone that knows me knows that every few months I get some wild hair and get super into something a little off the wall. I spend hours of my free time pouring over any Youtube videos about it, blog articles and/or podcasts. It’s generally something off the beaten path of what you would expect from a guy like myself: I’m into guns, hunting, whiskey and the like.

A few months back it was home brew kombucha. Which is fascinating, by the way. You basically brew some green tea and then throw a giant booger in it (look up a SCOBY: symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), then wait a few weeks and it turns into a delicious fermented drink.

Before that it was 3d printing. If you’re looking for an awesome hobby that is also amazingly useful, this is the one for you. But lately it’s been stickers. Yes, you read that right. Stickers. Not collecting them, but making them. If you’ve ever ordered something off our website, you know that we always throw in a Schiwerks sticker. So we go through a decent amount of them, and I was curious what it would take to produce them ourselves, rather than ordering them.

Well it turns out, we already had almost everything we needed to do it. So I dove headlong into it, as I do. And before long made some awesome quality Schiwerks stickers. But of course, that wasn’t enough, so I started playing around with designing some other offerings, and for some reason, animals carrying guns popped into my brain. I designed an eagle, because duh, that has to be the first one for a freedom loving fella like myself. Then a panda, a turtle, and a whole line of them. I even made one of the Ice Cream AK gun we did a while back. Could be fun to make stickers out of the crazy theme builds like that we do down the road.

Weird? Definitely, but I enjoy it, so whatever. And I can give guys some awesome stickers. And of course, we needed a good name for the line of stickers, so we figured what better than the “Animilita:” a mash up of animals and militia. What could be more fitting?

So hopefully soon we’ll get these thrown up on the website for any weirdos like me that will enjoy them. *(edit: now live on website HERE.) Or, if you place an order and we have them in stock, we’ll be throwing them in for free. Beings Thanksgiving is in a few weeks already (holy crap where did 2023 go,) I think I’ll be throwing in a heavily armed turkey to a lot of orders.

Anyways, thanks for checking out my article. Until the next one, stay weird and stay free.


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Benefit Raffle

Black multicam Cerakote

Meet Michael: a veteran, father, husband and a friend of Schiwerks, who we first crossed paths with 6 years ago, about the time his journey began. He developed severe stomach pains while out with his wife one day, which lead to extremely complicated surgeries, an extended stay in a hospital bed, and has left him battling issues and unable to walk ever since. Throughout this difficult period, his wife has been his unwavering caregiver, along with their four young daughters.

The Upcoming Hurdle: Michael is bracing himself for a significant upcoming surgery that will once again require an extended stay in a hospital bed. During this time, his wife will continue to be his primary caregiver, which means she won’t be able to work and earn an income to support their family. Adding to the stress, their efforts to secure Social Security Income (SSI) have been unsuccessful, and the VA cannot provide assistance due to the issue not being service related.

Michael playjng cards with his daughters

In light of these challenges, Michael has reached out for support to ensure that his family can cover their rent and essential bills while he focuses on his recovery. The financial strain of being unable to contribute to his family’s financial stability weighs heavily on his mind, making his healing journey even more challenging.

So we decided to run a raffle and raise money for Michael and his family. We’re raffling off a 16 in AR, cerakoted by us in Black Multicam, with a subtle 8th Infantry Division logo on the left side(Michael’s unit when he was in the service) as well as engraved on the magwell, a Reptilia CQB-L grip cerakoted to match and stippled in our Executive Texture, with a magazine lasered with the 8th Infantry logo to finish off this piece. Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased in person at Schiwerks, or on our website. The date of the drawing for this raffle will be announced soon. We’re expecting in November or December, depending how sales go.

Every single dime we raise off this will go directly to Michael and his family, paying rent, utilities and groceries bills. Thank you in advance for your contribution. It is greatly appreciated. If you’d like to donate directly to Michael, he also has a go fund me, found right here.


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Cerakote Laser Imaging

glock topographic cerakote

Cerakote®, if you’re not familiar, is a ceramic-based coating that is known for its durability, corrosion resistance, and large selection of vibrant colors. As a certified applicator, we are always looking for ways to improve the services we offer with exciting options for our customers. Recently, we have been playing with Cerakote laser imaging, and are excited to add this to our list of customization options.

Cerakote laser imaging is a process that uses a laser to etch a design or pattern onto a surface coated with Cerakote. This creates a unique and long-lasting design that is both visually appealing and functional. Laser imaging is particularly useful for creating custom logos, designs, and complex patterns that would be difficult to reproduce the traditional way.

We’ve been testing various laser settings to determine the best combination of power, speed, frequency and hatch settings for creating high-quality images on Cerakote-coated surfaces. After much trial and error, we think we have the perfect settings that produce clean, precise, and detailed images that are resistant to wear and tear.

One of the key benefits of Cerakote laser imaging is that it is a permanent and long-lasting way to customize your items. Unlike other forms of customization, such as stickers or decals, laser imaging will not peel, fade, or wear off over time. And of course, it’s also resistant to scratches, chemicals, and wear, making it an ideal choice for items that will be used frequently.

Laser imaging is an exciting new service that we are proud to offer to our customers. With our years of experience and some bad ass equipment, we can create custom designs that are both functional and visually appealing. If you are interested in Cerakote laser imaging, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you customize your items.

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Custom Hex Camo Rifle

Hex camo rifle

One of the things we pride ourselves on is taking a customers vision for their project, and making it a reality. This customer came to us with a specific hex pattern that his company used in some of their marketing that he really liked and wondered if we could use that as a base for some camo. Well absolutely, that’s right up our alley!

So we came up with a design and the colors to go with it, showed it to him, and he had some ideas of how to tweak it, until we came up with this great design. The final product is something we were both extremely pleased with. What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

honeycomb camo

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AR Mag Holders Produced in House!

AR magazine holder

For the past several months I’ve been posting about AR mag holders. Well, they’re finally live on the website. Check ’em out here. And for a limited time, you can get one free! Just spend $50 on the website and write in the order comments, or message us that you would like one. That’s it.

They’re designed and printed by us, all in house. Now you may be saying to yourself “phft, it’s just 3d printed crap.” And a year ago, I would have agreed with you. But now, seeing how far technology has come in the last few years, I’m absolutely amazed at what these machines can produce.

I got into 3d printing exactly a year ago now. Initially I was interested in it as a way to learn 3d modeling and eventually transition into CNC milling, which has always been something I’ve been interested in. That’s still in the plans. But I became absolutely fascinated that you could design a 3d model on your computer, and in a few short hours, sometimes less, be holding the physical product in your hands. What a world we live in.

I started with the usual entry level 3d printer, a Creality Ender 3v2. They can be had for a few hundred bucks, but I will say that I was blown away at the quality this thing could produce. I even printed a few pistol frames that I’m still using to this day. Yes, you can print gun parts on them, and yes, they are absolutely functional. (Joe Biden be damned.)

The more I learned and the more I printed, the more impressed with the technology I became. And the more I wanted to somehow incorporate 3d design and printing into Schiwerks. My printer is by far and away my favorite piece of equipment in the shop. And that’s saying something, as I have some awesome equipment. Freakin’ lasers man. But that’s a post for another time.

I’ve made jigs that save me a ton of time and effort. Specialty tools for specific projects. An entire attachment system for tools that goes above our workbench. So it just seemed right to make something in house that our customers would enjoy as well.

We invested in a new printer a few months back: a Bambu Labs X1 Carbon. I’ve been absolutely blown away by this thing. It prints 4-5 times faster than our other printer, with some features that make it an absolute dream to run.

This is where all those mag holders will be brought to life. My plan is to expand our offerings to include holders for other magazines (pistol, AR10, etc) and eventually even mounts to mount rifles and pistols on your walls.

It’s not that I’m just looking for stuff to sell. It’s the fact that I absolutely love designing something from scratch and seeing it come to life. And these are things that I personally use and love. So it only makes sense for me to bring these products to Schiwerks.

Wrapping this rather long post up, I would like to encourage you to check out 3d printing. Dip your toes it. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s an awesome hobby that can transition into so much more. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. And until then, happy printing!


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Black Box Edition Guns

black box edition glock

We do guns for customers. It’s what we do. Take their idea of how they want their gun to look and make it a reality. And we love it. But recently, we decided we want to do some guns the way WE want them. And the “Black Box Edition” line was born.

We take a new gun, add stippling, cerakote, optic, maybe a new slide, whatever makes it a truly custom, one off piece that will live up to the Schiwerks name. Then we put it in a black box with laser cut foam and a laser engraved brass coin with it’s Black Box serial number and then offer it to our customers.

These will be extremely limited numbers. We figure anywhere from six to a dozen a year. Keep your eye out for these, we’ll push them out on social media and email when they drop. See if you can get your hands on one of these extremely limited edition firearms.


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Custom Cerakoted Revolvers

Cerakote Revolvers

Chad Groepper was a local soldier. In fact, Sam went to school with him. He was killed in Iraq back in 2008 in service to our country. His family started a memorial golf benefit to help provide for this wife and child he left behind. It’s been going strong ever since, and has moved to benefitting worthy causes around the community.

For the last 5 years we’ve been donating a gun to the auction. Our awesome customers help donate the gun, then we donate the cerakote work. We were lucky enough to have one amazing donor who wanted to cover an additional gun, so we were able to donate 2. We used Taurus Tracker 357 Mag Revolvers. We removed the branding and engraved it with Chad’s information and “All Gave Some, Some Gave All.” We were super pleased how these turned out and the response on the auction to them. Thanks to Ballistic Imagery for the amazing photos as usual.

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Boondocks Desert Eagle

Boondocks Saints Desert Eagle

Boondocks Saints is one of those movies with a cult following, so we weren’t surprised when someone wanted a gun done. And a Desert Eagle was just perfect for the job.

First, we disassembled the entire gun, as usual. But then we threw it under the laser and deep engraved some Irish scrollwork and wording on the frame, slide and barrel. Next we blasted it all, and applied some Titanium Cerakote in our battleworn style. And lastly, we engraved a cross on the front strap, as well as the prayer from the movie on top of the slide to really stand out in that white.

All in all, this turned our amazing and we’re extremely happy with it. As usual, Ballistic Imagery’s photography really brings it to life. What do you guys think, did we do the movie justice with this build?


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Spike’s Warthog & Samurai

Spikes Tactical Warthog Receiver

Spike’s Tactical is one of the companies putting out these awesome face lowers.

They’re extremely popular, especially in the cerakote industry. There have been countless cerakote jobs put on them, but we like to think ours is a bit different from all the rest. We spent a lot of time on the details of this and are extremely happy how they came out.

What do you guys think? How’d we do?

As usual, props to Ballistic Imagery for the photos.


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Cordless hole puncher??

milwaukee glock

A lot of what we do for our customers is bring their ideas to life.

So many of our customers work with a specific product and want that conveyed in the artwork on their firearm. This is what we specialize in.

This particular Glock was the perfect canvas for the job, and with Cerakote, laser stippling, frame undercut, memory cut, horn removal, and a custom backplate, this custom piece turned out amazing.

And of course, the photography by Ballistic Imagery certainly helps.


Make sure you check out some of our other media at the links below, and our gallery.

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Gun Control on the Move in Congress. We Need to Act

New gun control bills have passed the House and have been sent to the Senate.

HR8 and HR1446 have bipartisan support and have a real chance of passing. They would effectively make you a felon for loaning or selling a gun to a friend without a background check, and possibly even for HANDING a gun to a friend. Also allows the government to deny your right to purchase a firearm for up to 30 days.

We need to be acting on these immediately. The gun community for too long has depended on ‘someone else’ to take care of it for us. This is no longer an option, as there’s a very real chance these will pass and makes felons out of law abiding citizens.

Contact your Senators now and often! Join 2nd amendment rights groups! Below is a link to the Firearms Policy Coalition to help you make your voice heard. DO NOT assume someone else will take care of this guys. We need all the help we can get!

Firearms Policy Coalition Take Action Form

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Patina Bronze Overthrow Set

Rainier Arms Overthrow
Rainier Arms Overthrow

Recently got the opportunity to cerakote a Rainier Arms Overthrow AR set. These are really cool designed AR lowers, machined to look like an old knight’s or crusader’s metal helmet. The customer just told us he wanted it to look old and worn and gave us free reign to make it look awesome. (We love getting free reign.)

Well it definitely turned out bad ass, so we had Ballistic Imagery come in a snap some pictures for us. Let us know what you guys think and leave a comment below!

Check out more work by Ballistic Imagery on his website or Facebook page.

Look at our other projects in our Gallery.

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Life’s Short, Live Free is in Podcast form!

So we just recorded our fifth episode which will be out this week and we’re now an actual podcast!  We’ve been published on iTunes, Google Music, Stitcher, and Spotify as well as Podbean.  If you listen somewhere else, let us know and we’ll get it put up on that platform as well.

Google Music







Check it out, subscribe and share, and let us know what you think!  Feel free to give us a shout with any topics you’d like to hear us talk about.


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Life’s Short Live Free Podcast

We’ve started a video podcast.  Uploaded every other Thursday on Youtube, and will be up on major podcast apps soon.  It’s about everything Freedom, and of course with a heavy dose of firearms.  Whiskey, cars, hunting, anything associated with Freedom.  Check it out!

We’re learning as we go, the audio will be improving with every episode. so bear with us.

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Why gun owners are ‘shooting themselves in the foot’ by supporting the bump stock ban


Any gun owner that’s spent time on gun forums or Facebook gun groups knows that gun owners are split over the bump stock ban.  Half of them respond with “bump stocks are stupid anyways, who cares,” and the other half are pretty sure it’s the end of the 2nd amendment as we know it.  The truth?  Probably somewhere in the middle.

Let’s be honest.  Are bump stocks useful for personal defense, target shooting, or hunting?  No.  But that’s not the point.  No one is claiming they are.  The reason anyone is upset about it is the ATF is claiming they are machine guns.  So, let’s examine what a machine gun actually is, according to the parameters set by Congress.

The National Firearms Act of 1934 regulated machine guns and defined them as “any weapon which shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot, automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger.”  Meaning, you pull the trigger ONCE, and it fires continuously until the trigger is released, or the magazine is depleted.

The ATF’s latest stance on bump stocks is that a bump stock works with a single function of the trigger.  But that is outrageously false.  And flies in the face of the Obama Administration’s ATF entire reasoning to approve them in the first place.  They acknowledged that the trigger is still pulled and reset every time a shot is fired.  It is a still a semi automatic weapon.  This video, courtesy of The Gun Collective, clearly demonstrates that.

So, it’s pretty clear that a bump stock does NOT convert a semi automatic firearm to fully automatic according to the laws passed by Congress, and the ATF is using its own definition.  Is that a problem?  Absolutely, for several reasons.

You don’t need a bump stock to bump fire.  It’s nothing new, has been around for years, and anyone with a little time to practice can reproduce the rate of full auto fire by ‘bumping’ the trigger.  So, since a bump stock only aids in bump firing, and is now considered a machine gun, wouldn’t anything that aids in firing quicker fall under that category as well?  Triggers with lighter pull weights, lightened bolt carriers, adjustable gas blocks, etc.  Technically, these things could aid in firing quicker, or bump firing, and would therefore fall under the machine gun category?  Far fetched?  Yes, but under an extremely anti gun administration, not so much.  We’ve seen how far they’ll go.  (Remember the SAFE Act in New York, where you could possess ten round magazines but only load 7 rounds in them?)

Second, remember it said “or can be readily restored to shoot, automatically more than one shot” in the definition of a machine gun?  “Readily restored to be a machine gun,” in other words.  Since installing a bump stock on an AR15 takes only a few minutes, or even installing a trigger that would aid in bump firing(remember, that falls under machine guns now) would definitely fall under readily or easily restored to a machine gun, any anti gun administration could use the same powers used to ban stocks, that half of gun owners are cheering, to ban entire categories of weapons.

Far too many gun owners just say ‘well we gotta give em something, give em bump stocks’ as that’s going to satisfy them.  Why compromise?  We’ve given far too much already that we’ll never get back.  And giving in on this issue that could become a massive problem next time an anti gun administration is in office is foolish.   Truly shooting ourselves in the foot.


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5 Police officers killed in the line of duty last week

Officers Eric Joering and Anthony Morelli were the latest officers shot and killed in the line of duty while responding to a 911 hangup call.


(2-11-2018) Every day when officers put on those colors and badge, they know they’re putting their life on the line.  All of those lost this week leave behind a wife and kids.  You’re all in our prayers and your sacrifice will never be forgotten.  God bless you.   And to all those officers still in the line of duty, be safe.  We got your back.


2 officers shot and killed after responding to 911 hang up call.  RIP Eric Joering and Anthony Morelli

3 law enforcment officers shot, one killed.  RIP Locust Grove police Officer Chase Maddox

1 officer shot and killed.  RIP Officer David Sherrard.

2 officers shot one of them killed.  RIP El Paso County sheriff’s Deputy Micah Flick.

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Craftsmanship: Woodworking, Kydex, Cerakote, And What Drives Us.

holster wallet
Over the past five generations, this family’s style of craftsmanship has changed. But the quality has always been there, and always will be.

The Schiwerks Way

(1/28/2018) – First things first, thank you thank you thank you for being interested enough in our company to click on this. We’ve worked hard and come a long way, and along that way, every single person that’s “liked”, “shared”, bought, or commented on any one thing that we’ve done has meant more to us than you’ll ever realize. In today’s world of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., you would think building a website and driving enough traffic to it to generate an income wouldn’t be all that hard. But I’ll tell ya right now, it has not been easy. It has been hard, it has been frustrating, and at times, even a little maddening. We’re not even close to achieving what we know we can, and without you, none of it is even possible. So, sincerely, thank you.

Now, to the reason I’m writing this. We want you to know who we are. What we stand for. Why we’re “different”.

If you’ve had any interest in us prior to this point, you’ve probably figured out that this company consists of Sam, the owner, and myself, Jesse. We’re a couple of brothers who are probably more alike than we’d like to be.

Growing up, we spent a lot of time in Dad’s wood shop. And he did the same with his dad. Four generations of this before us. Somehow, in a town of less than 400 people, he managed to make a living and provide for Mom and their four children. A woodworker. In a town of less than 400. And he made it work. Churning out some of the best damn woodworking you’ll ever see. Hell, his projects have even made the newspaper! It was a horse-drawn hearse, and it was frickin’ impressive. He’s the purest definition of a craftsman.

Sam and I, while we did “dabble” in wordworking a little bit, it just wasn’t for us. Out of high school, Sam went to college for collision repair and mechanics. Up until January 1, 2018 that has been his life.

I don’t know how much you know about automotive paint. But it can be a real pain in the ass. Now, we’ve both been doing it long enough where it just kind of comes naturally, it’s not really something we have to think about. Of course, there are still times when we’ll get our ass kicked by color-matching a white pearl tri-coat, but that’s a whole different story.

What we’ve developed an eye for throughout the years are tiny little imperfections. Imperfections that most people would never notice, or if they did notice, probably wouldn’t even care about. Not only did we develop an eye for these things, we both grew to REALLY hate having an imperfection in our paint. We both know we can create a perfect finish with relative ease. So why let that one little thing fly?

Body work and paint translates perfectly to what both of us do. For Sam, cerakote is just another day in the shop.

Myself, I was kind of a computer guy. I decided to go to college for Computer Aided Drafting. Sam was working in Kansas City, and I had just been accepted down there. A few hours after I graduated high school, I drove down there and moved in with him. That went….poorly, to say the least, and before I even started school, I moved back home and started working construction.

After about a year of that, we were on vacation, and I still had no idea what I was doing with my life. We were sitting on a dock at the Lake of the Ozarks, and my oldest brother said, “Well, why not do what Sam does?”

Yeah, why not? I’d had an interest in cars before, I had just never really thought of it. A couple months later, I was done working construction, and I’ve kind of been unintentionally following Sam’s footsteps ever since.

I’ve been doing collision work now for eight years. I loved it, for a long time. And I probably will for a long time to come. But at this point, I need a challenge. I need a change. I need something bigger, something that matters. I can’t speak for Sam, or why he chose to start Schiwerks. But I do know that he is passionate about what he does, and that neither of us will quit until we succeed.

At first, making holsters was just a nice change of pace from the monotony of beating out dents. A nice hobby. Then Sam asked if I’d like to sell them under Schiwerks. There’s the challenge. An even bigger challenge: helping him create a brand that can make a difference.

Although expert craftsmanship has been in our blood for five generations now, and we’ve both learned to be maybe a little bit over-critical of our work from our time as body-men, giving you a superb product isn’t our lone top priority.

We put everything we have into our products. Our time, our money, and on multiple occasions I’ve put quite a bit of blood into it, never cried though. Man stuff, ya know. And when we’re done putting in, we put out. Err….donate. Sorry.

We recognize that without our military, we wouldn’t be where we are, doing what we’re doing. We aim to give back to those who deserve it most. To support those who defend us. Who’ve literally given their everything.

We’re just a couple of freedom-loving brothers, and we’re just getting started. Just wait until you see what we can do.