send us your firearm

Shipping firearms to us for Cerakote?  Schiwerks is an FFL, so it’s pretty simple.  Contact us for pricing.  When you’re ready to send it, just follow this guide.

  1. *If you’re shipping a rifle or shotgun, UPS, FedEx or USPS may be used.
    *If you’re shipping a pistol/handgun/revolver
    , a common contract carrier such as UPS or FedEx MUST be used.
    *Unlicensed citizens CANNOT use USPS to mail pistols, revolvers or handguns.   (ATF rules on mailing with USPS)  
  2. Make sure the firearm is completely unloaded and packaged in a box with no indication on the outside that it is a firearm.  Make sure that it is packaged well and secure. 
  3. DO NOT SEND PARTIALLY DISASSEMBLED FIREARMS!  Leave the barrel, bolt, etc, in, as we need everything to function check after reassembly.  Stripped/completely disassembled parts are fine but they must be FULLY disassembled.  
  4.  Fill out the Cerakote order form and send it in the package.  (THIS MUST BE INCLUDED OR DELAYS WILL OCCUR!)
  5.  Include a copy of your Driver’s License or a State Issued ID. 
  6. If shipping from another FFL, please include a copy of their FFL. 
  7.  Let us know that it’s on the way.
  8.  Make sure the return address is the address where the firearm will be return shipped to.  IMPORTANT: we will not ship to a different address.  When the work is complete it will be sent back to you.  That’s it!

      Check out the ATF’s guidelines here.


216 Dover Street

Kingsley, Iowa, 51028

Current lead time is 12 weeks.  This is NOT a guarantee and is subject to change