-Can I ship my firearm to Schiwerks for cerakote?

Absolutely!  Schiwerks is an FFL, so it’s pretty simple.  A common or contract carrier, such as FedEx or UPS, must be used.  Make sure the return address is the address where the firearm will be return shipped to(must match where it was sent from and your ID.)  When the work is complete it will be sent back to you.   Check out Send us your Firearm for complete details.


-What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is basically a ceramic based paint.  After it’s sprayed, it’s baked in an oven, hardening it and leaving an extremely durable ceramic coating.  Check out our Cerakote page.

-How long will the finish last?  Will it scratch?

Applied correctly, Cerakote will last an extremely long time.  Years, if not a lifetime.  It is the best gun coating on the market and is extremely durable, but like any coating will scratch if exposed to harsh enough conditions.  Under normal wear and tear, it won’t be an issue though.

-Can you coat more than just firearms?

Absolutely!  We can coat anything metal, polymer, plastic, or wood.  

-Do you warranty your work?

You bet.  We warranty any failure of the coating: chips, flaking, cracks, bubbles, etc.  Normal wear and tear is not warrantied.