• Animilitia stickers
    Anyone that knows me knows that every few months I get some wild hair and get super into something a little off the wall. I spend hours of my free time pouring over any Youtube videos about it, blog articles and/or podcasts. It’s generally something off the beaten path of
  • Black multicam Cerakote
    Meet Michael: a veteran, father, husband and a friend of Schiwerks, who we first crossed paths with 6 years ago, about the time his journey began. He developed severe stomach pains while out with his wife one day, which lead to extremely complicated surgeries, an extended stay in a hospital
  • glock topographic cerakote
    Cerakote®, if you’re not familiar, is a ceramic-based coating that is known for its durability, corrosion resistance, and large selection of vibrant colors. As a certified applicator, we are always looking for ways to improve the services we offer with exciting options for our customers. Recently, we have been playing
  • Hex camo rifle
    One of the things we pride ourselves on is taking a customers vision for their project, and making it a reality. This customer came to us with a specific hex pattern that his company used in some of their marketing that he really liked and wondered if we could use
  • AR magazine holder
    For the past several months I’ve been posting about AR mag holders. Well, they’re finally live on the website. Check ’em out here. And for a limited time, you can get one free! Just spend $50 on the website and write in the order comments, or message us that you
  • black box edition glock
    We do guns for customers. It’s what we do. Take their idea of how they want their gun to look and make it a reality. And we love it. But recently, we decided we want to do some guns the way WE want them. And the “Black Box Edition” line
  • be a man
    The last ten years it seems there’s been an attack on masculinity. “Toxic masculinity” has been thrown around and beat to death. The truth is, we need MORE real men in this country. More TRULY masculine men. Our Podcast, the Life’s Short Live Free Podcast covers this topic and it’s
  • Cerakote Revolvers
    Chad Groepper was a local soldier. In fact, Sam went to school with him. He was killed in Iraq back in 2008 in service to our country. His family started a memorial golf benefit to help provide for this wife and child he left behind. It’s been going strong ever
  • Boondocks Saints Desert Eagle
    Boondocks Saints is one of those movies with a cult following, so we weren’t surprised when someone wanted a gun done. And a Desert Eagle was just perfect for the job. First, we disassembled the entire gun, as usual. But then we threw it under the laser and deep engraved
  • Spikes Tactical Warthog Receiver
    Spike’s Tactical is one of the companies putting out these awesome face lowers. They’re extremely popular, especially in the cerakote industry. There have been countless cerakote jobs put on them, but we like to think ours is a bit different from all the rest. We spent a lot of time
  • milwaukee glock
    A lot of what we do for our customers is bring their ideas to life. So many of our customers work with a specific product and want that conveyed in the artwork on their firearm. This is what we specialize in. This particular Glock was the perfect canvas for the
  • New gun control bills have passed the House and have been sent to the Senate. HR8 and HR1446 have bipartisan support and have a real chance of passing. They would effectively make you a felon for loaning or selling a gun to a friend without a background check, and possibly
  • Rainier Arms Overthrow
    Recently got the opportunity to cerakote a Rainier Arms Overthrow AR set. These are really cool designed AR lowers, machined to look like an old knight’s or crusader’s metal helmet. The customer just told us he wanted it to look old and worn and gave us free reign to make
  • So we just recorded our fifth episode which will be out this week and we’re now an actual podcast!  We’ve been published on iTunes, Google Music, Stitcher, and Spotify as well as Podbean.  If you listen somewhere else, let us know and we’ll get it put up on that platform
  • We’ve started a video podcast.  Uploaded every other Thursday on Youtube, and will be up on major podcast apps soon.  It’s about everything Freedom, and of course with a heavy dose of firearms.  Whiskey, cars, hunting, anything associated with Freedom.  Check it out! We’re learning as we go, the audio
  •   Any gun owner that’s spent time on gun forums or Facebook gun groups knows that gun owners are split over the bump stock ban.  Half of them respond with “bump stocks are stupid anyways, who cares,” and the other half are pretty sure it’s the end of the 2nd
  • We did some cerakote for 1776 or bust, and he just put his review up.  Check it out!
  • We get lots of questions about how our products are made.  Yes, they’re made completely by us, in house.  Here Jesse shows us how a Slimline wallet is made.
  • Officers Eric Joering and Anthony Morelli were the latest officers shot and killed in the line of duty while responding to a 911 hangup call.   (2-11-2018) Every day when officers put on those colors and badge, they know they’re putting their life on the line.  All of those lost
  • holster wallet
    Over the past five generations, this family’s style of craftsmanship has changed. But the quality has always been there, and always will be. The Schiwerks Way (1/28/2018) – First things first, thank you thank you thank you for being interested enough in our company to click on this. We’ve worked

3 thoughts on “Animilitia Stickers

  1. Awesome stickers! Where can we order some? I didn’t see them in the product section?
    And what does the rhino have in his hand, and what kind of weapon does the fox have?
    Cool stuff!

    1. Thank ya! I don’t have them up on the website, but I will try and get this posted this week yet. They’re not specific weapons, just generic pieces that look like guns.

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