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Benefit Raffle

Black multicam Cerakote

Meet Michael: a veteran, father, husband and a friend of Schiwerks, who we first crossed paths with 6 years ago, about the time his journey began. He developed severe stomach pains while out with his wife one day, which lead to extremely complicated surgeries, an extended stay in a hospital bed, and has left him battling issues and unable to walk ever since. Throughout this difficult period, his wife has been his unwavering caregiver, along with their four young daughters.

The Upcoming Hurdle: Michael is bracing himself for a significant upcoming surgery that will once again require an extended stay in a hospital bed. During this time, his wife will continue to be his primary caregiver, which means she won’t be able to work and earn an income to support their family. Adding to the stress, their efforts to secure Social Security Income (SSI) have been unsuccessful, and the VA cannot provide assistance due to the issue not being service related.

Michael playjng cards with his daughters

In light of these challenges, Michael has reached out for support to ensure that his family can cover their rent and essential bills while he focuses on his recovery. The financial strain of being unable to contribute to his family’s financial stability weighs heavily on his mind, making his healing journey even more challenging.

So we decided to run a raffle and raise money for Michael and his family. We’re raffling off a 16 in AR, cerakoted by us in Black Multicam, with a subtle 8th Infantry Division logo on the left side(Michael’s unit when he was in the service) as well as engraved on the magwell, a Reptilia CQB-L grip cerakoted to match and stippled in our Executive Texture, with a magazine lasered with the 8th Infantry logo to finish off this piece. Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased in person at Schiwerks, or on our website. The date of the drawing for this raffle will be announced soon. We’re expecting in November or December, depending how sales go.

Every single dime we raise off this will go directly to Michael and his family, paying rent, utilities and groceries bills. Thank you in advance for your contribution. It is greatly appreciated. If you’d like to donate directly to Michael, he also has a go fund me, found right here.


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