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Boondocks Desert Eagle

Boondocks Saints Desert Eagle

Boondocks Saints is one of those movies with a cult following, so we weren’t surprised when someone wanted a gun done. And a Desert Eagle was just perfect for the job.

First, we disassembled the entire gun, as usual. But then we threw it under the laser and deep engraved some Irish scrollwork and wording on the frame, slide and barrel. Next we blasted it all, and applied some Titanium Cerakote in our battleworn style. And lastly, we engraved a cross on the front strap, as well as the prayer from the movie on top of the slide to really stand out in that white.

All in all, this turned our amazing and we’re extremely happy with it. As usual, Ballistic Imagery’s photography really brings it to life. What do you guys think, did we do the movie justice with this build?


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Spike’s Warthog & Samurai

Spikes Tactical Warthog Receiver

Spike’s Tactical is one of the companies putting out these awesome face lowers.

They’re extremely popular, especially in the cerakote industry. There have been countless cerakote jobs put on them, but we like to think ours is a bit different from all the rest. We spent a lot of time on the details of this and are extremely happy how they came out.

What do you guys think? How’d we do?

As usual, props to Ballistic Imagery for the photos.