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Black Box Edition Guns

black box edition glock

We do guns for customers. It’s what we do. Take their idea of how they want their gun to look and make it a reality. And we love it. But recently, we decided we want to do some guns the way WE want them. And the “Black Box Edition” line was born.

We take a new gun, add stippling, cerakote, optic, maybe a new slide, whatever makes it a truly custom, one off piece that will live up to the Schiwerks name. Then we put it in a black box with laser cut foam and a laser engraved brass coin with it’s Black Box serial number and then offer it to our customers.

These will be extremely limited numbers. We figure anywhere from six to a dozen a year. Keep your eye out for these, we’ll push them out on social media and email when they drop. See if you can get your hands on one of these extremely limited edition firearms.


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