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Animilitia Stickers

Animilitia stickers

Anyone that knows me knows that every few months I get some wild hair and get super into something a little off the wall. I spend hours of my free time pouring over any Youtube videos about it, blog articles and/or podcasts. It’s generally something off the beaten path of what you would expect from a guy like myself: I’m into guns, hunting, whiskey and the like.

A few months back it was home brew kombucha. Which is fascinating, by the way. You basically brew some green tea and then throw a giant booger in it (look up a SCOBY: symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), then wait a few weeks and it turns into a delicious fermented drink.

Before that it was 3d printing. If you’re looking for an awesome hobby that is also amazingly useful, this is the one for you. But lately it’s been stickers. Yes, you read that right. Stickers. Not collecting them, but making them. If you’ve ever ordered something off our website, you know that we always throw in a Schiwerks sticker. So we go through a decent amount of them, and I was curious what it would take to produce them ourselves, rather than ordering them.

Well it turns out, we already had almost everything we needed to do it. So I dove headlong into it, as I do. And before long made some awesome quality Schiwerks stickers. But of course, that wasn’t enough, so I started playing around with designing some other offerings, and for some reason, animals carrying guns popped into my brain. I designed an eagle, because duh, that has to be the first one for a freedom loving fella like myself. Then a panda, a turtle, and a whole line of them. I even made one of the Ice Cream AK gun we did a while back. Could be fun to make stickers out of the crazy theme builds like that we do down the road.

Weird? Definitely, but I enjoy it, so whatever. And I can give guys some awesome stickers. And of course, we needed a good name for the line of stickers, so we figured what better than the “Animilita:” a mash up of animals and militia. What could be more fitting?

So hopefully soon we’ll get these thrown up on the website for any weirdos like me that will enjoy them. *(edit: now live on website HERE.) Or, if you place an order and we have them in stock, we’ll be throwing them in for free. Beings Thanksgiving is in a few weeks already (holy crap where did 2023 go,) I think I’ll be throwing in a heavily armed turkey to a lot of orders.

Anyways, thanks for checking out my article. Until the next one, stay weird and stay free.


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