Beskar Steel Glock Doublestack Mag Plates

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  • Aftermarket Aluminum Glock mag plates
  • Fits Gen 3 and above without magwells (does fit some magwells, but we haven’t tested them and can’t guarantee)
  • Adds weight to help mags drop out extremely smooth, and looks great
  • G17-45 fits Double Stack 9mm / .40 S&W / .357 SIG / .45 GAP –  G17, G17L, G19, G19X, G22, G23, G24, G26, G27, G31, G32, G33, G34, G35, G37, G38, G39, G44, G45
  • G43x/G48 only fits the Glock 43x and the Glock 48 stock magazines
  • 10mm/.45 ACP  – Fits G20, G20SF, G21, G21SF, G29, G29SF, G30, G30S, G30SF, G36, G40, G41
  • Precision CNC made in USA, deep laser engraved
  • Make sure to grab a Glock Baseplate Removal tool for easy installation


Glock is a federally registered trademark of Glock, Inc and Schiwerks is not affiliated nor endorsed by Glock. 

*Machined to exacting tolerance, but we ALWAYS recommend testing your gun thoroughly after installing aftermarket parts. 

Additional information


Blank Beskar, Galactic Empire, Mudhorn, Mandalorian Skull, Mandalorian Crest


G17-45 (See details above), G43x/G48, 10mm/.45 ACP

5 reviews for Beskar Steel Glock Doublestack Mag Plates

  1. dmcdermott14 (verified owner)

    Looks amazing but the mag does fully seat leaving the possibility of the mag falling out. I will probably have to sand my magwell down.

    • Sam Schieuer

      Hey Daniel. Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Do you have an aftermarket magwell on? We haven’t ran into any issues with this on Glock 19s yet.

  2. dmcdermott14 (verified owner)

    I forgot to mention that I have a Glock 19 gen2. Maybe that is why.

    • Sam Schieuer

      Ahh yes, I’m betting that’s the issue. These have been tested and work great on gen 3-5, but never gen 1-2.

  3. dmcdermott14 (verified owner)

    Hey Sam. I do not have an aftermarket body/magwell. Update. I had to cut off some of my plastic off of my grip/body/magwell. Now the mag fully seats! Amazing looking product. Also a recommendation I carry every day for work in and out of an armored truck and my arm keeps getting scratched by the sharp edge. Other than that amazing product!!

  4. Adam Prater (verified owner)

    Great quality! Looks great!! Shipped super fast!! Top notch customer service!! Even came with a hand written thank you on the invoice from Sam! I will be ordering more… soon…

  5. Steve Newhouse (verified owner)

    Mudhorn emblem plates for Gen 3 G22- Detail is all there, and fit is spot on just as expected. This IS the way. A+

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